Music Studio Reboot by Erica Ward

Music Studio Reboot

Know Where You’re Headed... and How to Get There

COMING SOON! There's no time like the present to stop, take a look at how your business looks, and make clear plans for the future... but how do you wade through all of the options?

In this multi-week course, you'll survey the current state of your teaching studio business and identify specific areas to focus on for growth in the next phase of your business.

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What's Included


✔️ Understand why mission is everything! 
✔️ Identify your core values & what you care most about.
✔️ Create your own living and breathing mission statement.

Studio Review

✔️ Work through a guided system of checklists to understand where you are. 
✔️ Uncover your accomplishments, your strengths, and your areas of future growth.

Purposeful Reboot

✔️ Match your Studio Review results with your mission.
✔️ Power your next steps with a renewed focus on your mission.
✔️ Form an actionable plan for the next season of your business.
✔️ Identify exactly what kinds of tasks and projects are fruitful to what YOU individually seek to accomplish (and what aren't)!